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“Specializing the the Design, Analysis and Testing of all Mechanical Engineering Systems"

Research / Expert Witness Testimony

  • Automotive Engineering Systems

  • Patent Litagation

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Mechanical Engineering Systems

  • Carbon Emissions, Climate Change

  • Gas Turbine Engines


Performance Engineering Solutions has the engineering expertise to fulfill all of your engineering needs. From the design, analysis and testing of complex mechanical engineering and power producing systems to expert witness testimony in the court room for matters involving patent litigation, accident reconstruction, car haulers, and complex mechanical engineering system design defects and the ergonomics of such systems. 


Gerald J. Micklow is a full professor in the Department  of Mechanical and Civil Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. He is a licensed engineer and has been actively involved in the design and evaluation of advanced power producing systems for over 45 years. He is the director of the Florida Center of Automotive Research (FCAR) and the head of the graduate Automotive Engineering program.

Let us know your need and an engineering expert will be assigned to complete the project.

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Design and Analysis of Power Producing Systems

  • Low Pollutant Emission Combustion Systems

  • Carbon Emissions, Climate Change

  • On Road Fuel Economy Testing of Advanced Vehicle Concepts and portable emissions testing (PEM) for cars and trucks

  • Combustion and Alternative Fuels

  • Turbomachinery and Gas Turbine Engine Design

  • Advanced Fuel Injection  Systems

  • Complex Three Dimensional Aerodynamic  and Fluid Flow Systems 

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